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Photo Repair and Restoration Service

We aim to bring back to life an important treasured photographic memory. If you have an old photo either a print negative or digital image that needs repairing we will bring it back to life. email the photo or send the original in the post and we will scan it for you. We then set to work on bringing it back to it's original condition or even better sometimes. This service is not just about clever software, it's the eye and dedication of the artist doing the restoration that really makes a difference.

Take a look at these examples:

Photo Repair Before 
Photo Repair After


 Baby a.png (252471 bytes) 
Baby b.png (515380 bytes)


Photo Restor Before.jpg (59046 bytes)
Photo Restor After.jpg (52714 bytes)

The charge for this service will depend on the size, original quality or amount of damage to the original photo. The examples above would only be around 35 for a digital restoration.

Even if you think your photo is totally lost we may be able to do something with it.



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